Fashion accessories & jewellery shelf replenishment planogram improvements

Store teams can now replenish shelves quickly & accurately, leading to an improved customer experience.

The challenge

With the client – a leading fashion accessories & jewellery retailer – adding more than 10 stores per week to an existing network of over 400stores, implementing centrally-prescribed visual merchandising standards at a store level had become problematic. Similar-looking, small SKUs that were difficult for inexperienced store teams to identify, combined with high SKU density (~6,000 SKUs in a 30-50 sqm store), meant store teams struggled to replenish daily deliveries accurately to the right location.

The solution

To assist staff to accurately & efficiently implement prescribed merchandising standards, we developed an app-based space management system to capture up-to-date details of SKU position by store, including category, fixture location, row number and prong number.

The scanning app enables store teams to easily access location information for all items in that store.

The results

Through the roll-out of our item location app at more than 400 stores, store teams can now replenish shelves quickly and accurately, leading to an improved customer experience and freeing up store team-member time to focus on customer service.

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